tiistai 23. heinäkuuta 2013

One month!

As you can see from the right (counter) there's only one month until my departure to Russia! My flight will leave 23rd of August 9.25 am. It's a straight flight and I think it will go to Moscow or somewhere near it because I will have my departure/first orientation camp in Russia. It will last three days. I'm so looking forward meeting all the other exchange students coming to Russia all around the world and of course seeing Russia and my host family in Krasnodar. I will come back 28.6.2014. These weeks will go by fast and I'm already so excited!!


perjantai 19. heinäkuuta 2013

Summer before my departure

This hasn't felt much like a summer holiday because I have been working all summer.. But I will get a lot of money what I need making this dream come true and that I would have some money to use in Russia too :) Anyway I have done something besides working too:

-I spend a lovely Mid summer with my relatives in my grandparents' summer cottage in the coast in a fantastic weather. It was really relaxing. What else can a girl hope for :) I have A LOT of pictures so there's no need to write what you can see in the pics.

-I ran half a marathon! (I still can't believe I made it)
(This was from the beginning. In the end I didn't look that peaceful :D )
-I have met my friends quite much <3 and I visited an amusement park called Linnanmäki in Helsinki with two of my best friends.

I love you my friend <3
+ I have been reading material got from AFS and filled my visa application and some other forms. As I read long documents telling about Russia and AFS's practises and rules in Russia I got really excited! I also read other exchange student's (who are leaving earlier than me) blogs and I felt like my departure is too very close! I felt so excited yesterday evening that I almost couldn't sleep last night at all :D 
  I can't wait to get to Russia but at the same time I feel stressed about the fact that there are only few more weeks until my departure! I have been thinking all along that 'there's still plenty of time until I go' but now I truly realized that these weeks will fly away before I even notice. I have been sending e-mails with my host mom in Russian which has been very interesting :)
  So this is what has happened in my life in this summer so far.